More enthusiastic than ever

I just finished reading Getting Real. Two words, dude: WOW! I don’t usually read books twice (actually the only book I’ve ever read twice was Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, at the age of 10 🙂 ), but I’m definitely gonna re-read this one when I get some spare time.

To make a long story short: it has changed my view on teamwork, web application building and so much more. It’s a must have book. Why? To make a long story short, again: We’ve been working on a few projects at Brainient, for the last six months. Although they are functional, we haven’t launched them yet ‘cause “they’re not ready” or “let’s add this and that”.

But you know what? Why wait? These apps will never be perfect, anyway. So why not get real feedback on them? Why not let the users tell us what we’re missing or what we need to remove.

So stay tuned! Starting this week, we’re getting real!

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