Three things I learned in 2009

This year was one of the busiest but at the same time rewarding years of my life. I’ve achieved a lot but even more important, I’ve learned a lot.

And in good 2009 spirit, I twitted about the top 3 things I learned, of course. Without further ado:

Firstly: most important thing I’ve learned this year: if you’re crap at something, delegate it as soon as you can

For example, I’m a complete mess at administrative / finance stuff. It took me a few years to finally understand accept that and find someone to delegate it to. Now it’s done, and it’s sooo much better.

Secondly: second thing I learned this year: communication is key. And boy, I learned this the hard way! đŸ™‚ #fb

For a long, long time I hoped that avoiding a problem will eventually make it vanish. And it happens. Sometimes. But in 90% of the cases, it doesn’t. Avoiding to communicate regarding a problem will only make it worse. But hey, better to learn later than never, no?

Last but not least: 3d thing I learned this year: always try to do the right thing, even tho it might be damn difficult. #fb

Doing the right thing is always more difficult. It takes guts and character to do it. But doing the right thing always makes you stronger.

That’s it for this year. Happy New Year and all that :).