Can I have my office on an airplane, please?

I’m on an flight from Bucharest to London while writing this blog post, and I’m simply amazed on how productive I’ve been. In just a little bit over 3 hours, I managed to go through a few dozen emails, I cleaned up a folder that’s been in the back of my brain for the past 3 months, reviewed two lengthy agreements that I never had the courage to open before and did some high-level monthly planning for 2010. Oh, and I still have about 20 minutes left :).

While contemplating on why I’m usually this productive on airplanes, the obvious suddenly occured to me: I’m completely offline. Not just because I don’t have Skype, internet, phone, sms, but because my brain knows I don’t have them.

I believe there’s something magic about knowing that no-one, absolutely no-one can bother you. So I’ve decided to do a test, for the next two months. Every week, I’ll pick a day, and for at least 5 hours I will disconnect from any pottential interruptors: mobile, skype, email, IM, etc. I’m going to keep the internet on, though, as I find it rather difficult to work with no internet when you run an internet startup :).

I’ll track and measure everything, and in March I’ll get back to you with some metrics, thoughts and conclusions.

PS: If you try to get the hang of me and I’m nowhere to be found, it means I’m in the middle of my little experiment :). Wish me luck.

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