Why there’s no Flash on the iPad. And why there won’t be any. Ever.

Here’s how the story goes: many, many years ago there was this really cool video editing tool called Adobe After Effects. At the same time there was this really, really cool operating system called Mac OS X. All good.

The only problem: After Effects didn’t work on OS X, so Mr. Stevie Jobs went to Mr. Adobe CEO and said: Dude, c’mon, make it work. And Mr. Adobe CEO said: neah, you only sell a few thousand computers per year, it’s not worth it. So Stevie went on and built Final Cut and promised Adobe’s CEO that he’ll make it back.

Therefore, no flash on the iPhone, no flash on the iPad, no flash-on-any-freaking-beautiful-device-ever-built-by-Apple. Ever.

And that’s how the story goes :).

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