Prague: La belle et la bête

I almost lost my carry-on’s wheels on Prague’s beautifully rock-paved yet chancy sidewalks, the other day. And I was just trying to get to the Three Crowns Hotel in the (very) contrasting Praha 2, nothing fancy.

It was my third time in Prague, none of which was long enough to allow me to get the real feel of the city, unfortunately. What I could grasp each time though was the wonderful contrast between the beautiful, almost parisian buildings like the National Theatre and the terrible, terrible, matchbox style communist buildings like the University of Economics. One would argue you’d prefer not to have any matchbox buildings in such a beautiful city, but I think it’s what makes Prague so special.

Mini Seedcamp Prague was a real success, I think. Some of the companies have amazing technology & teams behind, so I’m sure we’ll see more of them in the near future. Czech Republic has a pretty interesting tech scene, and with people like Ondrej Bartos and Tom Newbold around, it’ll probably keep going up.

I enjoyed spending time with all the selected teams and I encourage every startup out there to apply to one of the Mini Seedcamps. As for me, I hope to be able to test my carry-on’s wheels again in Prague, soon. Na zdravi!

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