What drives your life?

I have a huge amount of respect for people that know what they want from life. Write a novel, have a happy family, IPO a company or travel around the world with no money are just a few examples of things people around me would like to achieve in life. I know because it’s one of the things I ask the ones I work or spend a lot of time with.

However, I’m surprised at how many people have absolutely no clue what they would like to do with their lifes. And I always have one question, which a good friend shared with me some time ago, and I think it’s now my turn to pass it on: If you had 100 million dollars in your bank account today, what would you like to be doing? If you don’t already have the answer to this question, spend some time and think about it. When you do have the answer, write it on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet, so you have it with you all the time.

I’ve been lucky enough to know what I want to do with my life since I was a teenager. I was 14 or 15 I think, when I decided that what I want to do with my life is contribute, even just a little bit, to the life of every single person I meet. And although I have very, very often slipped away from this goal and very often forgotten about it, it has helped me make decisions. It has shaped the way I think and view the world and, I believe, it has made me a better man. And whenever I feel I’m slipping away or ignoring this lifetime goal of mine, I stop, I go to a quiet place and I open up my wallet. Most times, it puts me back on track.

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