Seedcamp turns 3 and fabulous

This week, 23 startups coming from all across Europe and most of the London tech scene attended, mentored, helped, or partied at Seedcamp Week. As expected, I am going to need a couple of days to recover, even if this time I wasn’t competing, I was just trying to give a helping hand.

Today, Seedcamp also announced that Carlos Espinal from Doughty Hanson has joined Seedcamp as a Partner, and that they’ve increased the number of companies they will invest in to 10 / yr. Twelve, actually – in good Seedcamp spirit. I am incredibly happy for Reshma, Saul & co for getting Carlos on board, and I think he will bring tremendous value to the team.

On a slightly different note but on the same subject, I strongly believe Reshma & co are building THE European tech ecosystem, something we very much need if we want to see European companies become successful. And in order to build this ecosystem, Reshma, Saul, Carlos & Philipp need all support they can get. Plus – I find it very rewarding to give back to the community and help others succeed. Do you?