Keeping it real

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been pretty successful at two things: making money and spending them. I bought my first t-shirt when I was 13, my first computer when I was 16 and my first car at 19 years old.

A couple of years ago though, as I was starting a new company and needed to bootstrap, I realised how easy it is to start spending more money and how difficult it is to start spending less. So I decided that, in order to keep my feet on the ground, I should try a little experiment: live as cheaply as possible for an entire month. And I loved it.

I actually enjoyed it so much that ever since then, twice a year (usually January and October or November), I try to live with as few pesos as possible. And it’s been very interesting to see what things I can give up and which ones I can’t.

It’s that month of the year again, so wish me luck. Oh, and if you’re thinking to invite me to breakfast, lunch, dinner or a casual drink – please prepare to pay for me as well. I promise I’ll make it back to you next month ;).

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