Setting up meetings is HARD. Or is it, really?

So, you want to talk to that hotshot VC but don’t know how to get to her, your fellow startup founders don’t know anyone who can make an intro and your friends think you’ll never pull it off. Tough luck, really. You’ll never get a meeting with her, so you better stop trying now. Boo hoo! Unless you really mean it.

‘Cause if you really mean it, there is one way to do it: PERSEVERE. Email, call, visit and hustle until you get a meeting. One month, two months, three months. Sounds like a no-brainer but we do it so rarely. It takes balls to push people but it always pays off.

And here’s a short clip from Shawshank Redemption to inspire you. It’s 6m long but I promise it’s worth it.

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