What to do when things go wrong

We’ve all been there. The server crashes, the client says no, the internet connection drops, she spills coffee on your favourite sweater or you leave your wallet at home. The adrenaline kicks in and blood rushes to your head. The first reaction is to tell him a thing or two, but your mum taught you better.

Mum was right, restraint is the right call. But what’s even better is laughing about it. Because, if you have the power and ability to laugh about it (and it’s freaking hard at times), you won’t build up anger. And nobody wants to be angry, right? Well, nobody besides Chuck Norris.

It’s hard, it takes training and it takes time. I don’t do it very well but then again, I’m not that good at telling jokes either. So next time you see me, can you please piss me off? Kthxbye!

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