Personalised video ads for you, baybe

So it’s official. We’ve launched the first personalised video retargeting platform in the UK, possibly in the whole wide web. Big words, I know, but google it and see for yourself.

What is it, exactly? Quite simple: you know those banners that keep following you on the web after you’ve visited a specific website? It’s just like that, but with video ads rather than banners. So next time you’re watching The Apprentice on SeeSaw and you see a video ad for that pair of shoes you looked at on Get The Label, that will be us.

Why we think this is cool? Well, you have to watch video ads before being able to watch your favourite show anyway, so they might as well be as relevant to you as possible, no? Oh yes, and interactive, which is something we’ve done quite successfully for a while now.

You can see a live demo here and, as usual, feedback is strongly encouraged.


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