Time flies. On this very day two years ago, I moved to London. While thinking about it this morning I realised it’s not the city I love (although London is one hell of a city), but the people. So I’d like to thank all of those who’ve made London special. Here are some of them (and I apologize in advance for the Oscar-ish format :-)).

Alex Van Someren, who told me “you should move to London” when we first met in Paris in February 2009. Reshma Sohoni, Saul and Robin Klein, for Seedcamp. Sherry Coutu, for investing in Brainient and connecting me to Arts Alliance. Alex Hoye, for introducing me to the scene. Thomas Hoegh, Dave McClure and Algy Williams, for their trust. Claude London, for the kind words. Jason Goodman, for all the support. Milo Yiannopoulos, for all the entertainment. My flatmates Lucian Tarnowski & Rob Hoare and former flatmate Alasdair Bell, for all the fun barbecues. Sabina, for always being around. And the Brainient team, for everything.

Thanks, guys.

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