The killer time analytics tool

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of RescueTime (a tool that tracks how you spend your time in front of the computer). It has helped me get my social media time down from fifteen hours per month to about four. And over the past three years, I’ve been using it to make sure that, while in front of the screen, I’m as productive as possible.

Last night, while looking at my RescueTime stats for the previous week and putting some meetings in the calendar, I had an epiphany. How awesome would it be to be able to track my offline time as well? You see, I have a rather poor memory so everything from meetings with clients to holidays and dinners with friends goes into the calendar. It has become a habit, which means that I can go back and see what I was doing on September 9, 2009, for example.

I would kill (and pay) for an app or a RescueTime feature (wink, wink, gents) that would import all my calendar entries and automatically add people to categories (eg. Sales, Friends, Business Development, Entertainment, Health – of course, after I’ve indicated what category they should go in). I would then be able to see how I spent my time on a particular week, and optimise based on that. What a killer app that would be, someone should build it.

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