The wisest dad I know

I love getting emails from my dad. Every time I see one in my inbox, I imagine him sitting at the desk in front of the window, looking at his wonderful garden, pretty apple trees and the road strewn with roses, typing away. He types very slowly, my dad (who recently just turned 63), which makes me appreciate long emails even more. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if he spends half an hour whenever he sends me an email.

I also love my dad’s emails because of the wisdom that breathes through them. Every now and then, in-between a story about an upcoming trip to the countryside and how the weather’s about to get quite cold in Romania, he’ll throw a phrase like “When you’re young, you want to grow up faster. When you get old, you want to grow old slower. And guess what, the process is much faster than you can ever imagine when you’re young. Just so you know.”

Dad – thanks to you, I know.

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