It was 3:30AM and I had just gotten back from a few drinks with Mike Butcher, Tarik Krim and a few other friends. I was having a glass of water and checking emails on my iPhone. No email caught my eye, so I opened Twitter to see what’s going on in the world. In a matter of seconds tears started dropping into the glass of water after seeing my Twitter stream flooded with the news that Steve Jobs died. A few seconds later, Tarik called me. The only thing I could tell him on the phone was “wow”. The only thing he was able to say was “yeah”, and we spent the next couple of minutes in silence.

Never in my life have I cried for someone I have never met, before yesterday. There’s no consumer brand I love more than Apple, and there’s no person that has inspired me as much as Steve Jobs.

Rest in peace, mr. Jobs.

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