The Kernel – technology journalism for enquiring minds

As many of you may already know, December saw the launch of The Kernel, a new technology-centric publication founded by one of London’s most vocal technology journalists, Milo Yiannopoulos (who’s name I still have to google whenever I write it but hey, nobody’s perfect – right?).

The Kernel’s mission is nothing if not incredibly ambitious, aiming to fix technology journalism by avoiding link-bait articles, SEO titles and boring tech news reporting. They promise to be rigorous in their enquiry, transparent about their methods and aggressive in defending entrepreneurs. It’s a laudable initiative in a world burdened by an unbearable amount of crappy “publications” driven by page impressions and ad budgets, and it seems they’ve been doing a great job keeping to their promise, so far.

I may be biased as Milo is one of my best friends, but over the past few days I’ve been reading The Kernel and I’m impressed with the quality and wit of most articles, all written with a twist of humour or sarcasm, in typical fashion of the Editor-in-Chief himself. I wish Milo and the team good luck in 2012, and I’m looking forward to seeing The Kernel become as influential and respected in technology journalism as The Economist is in the business world.

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