In awe

This weekend, Forbes Romania’s first ever Top 30 Under 30 issue came out. I’m humbled and fortunate to have been selected as one of the 30, and I am happy to see many of my friends in it as well. While going through the list, though, something really surprised me. There are people on it I didn’t even know exist, but who make me feel incredibly proud I am Romanian.

People like 16-year-old Crina Coco Popescu, who holds the world record for the youngest mountaineer. Or Mihai Duduta, one of the MIT geniuses who’s inventing a new type of electrical battery for cars. Or, people I would never want to get into a debate with like Dan Cristea, one of the world’s best debaters (who, obviously, is also a successful lawyer). And the list goes on. We have award-winning architects like Max and Daniel Zielinski, people trying to reinvent education like Traian Bruma and, as it’s Romania we’re talking about here after all, computer geniuses like Ionut Budisteanu.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be in such fantastic company. If you’re Romanian or in Romania, I encourage you to get your hands on a copy. If you’re not, I strongly recommend you to consider sourcing your talent in Romania. We may have our problems, but when it comes to talented people there’s no shortage of supply.



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