Delivering instant gratification

Over the past week, we’ve been working on a new presentation video at Brainient and we needed a voiceover for it. If it were 1999, we would have had to put up an ad in a newspaper, organise an audition and hire a studio. It would’ve taken about a month and cost $3,000. In 2012, we just uploaded our voiceover text to a website called and two hours later we had 65 people who had auditioned, offering to do the whole thing for an average cost of $150. That’s 100 times faster and 20 times cheaper.

The internet has enabled humanity to achieve many great things, and one of these things is the ability to deliver instant gratification to almost every existing sector, from retail, to film, to finance, to voiceovers. And I’d go as far as saying that the success of many of the great companies of our generation is very much based on the ability to deliver gratification in real-time. It’s why iTunes, Spotify, Kindle, Netflix and Google’s AdWords have thrived and grown at such an enormous pace as they have.

Now, not long ago the lack of the psychological trait of being able to delay gratification used to be considered somewhat of a psychological disfunction but the internet has made it absolutely normal to expect things to be delivered instantly. Would you rather wait 3 days for a book or have it delivered on your device in 3 seconds? Would you prefer to wait 1 month for a voiceover or have it deliver in 1 day? Would you like your software to come in a box or do you prefer to download it from your phone?

People want instant gratification and if you’re not delivering it, chances are that another company will. It can be a serious competitive edge or it can bury you. So next time you think about a new product or a new feature, ask yourself if it makes your customers or users feel good, in real-time. The best products are a lot like chocolate – they offer a strong kick when tasted and always make you come back for more.

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