The best CTO in the world

They say opposites attract, and that’s exactly the case with one of my best friends in the world and Brainient’s co-founder and CTO, Andrei Baragan, who turns 28 today. 28 going on 14, as he’s born on the Romanian Children’s Day.

I first met Andrei six years ago and we kicked off really well. I had just started my first company, a software development shop, and he was looking for his first job. I don’t remember many interviews, but I remember that one. He was this super smart, super likeable guy and 15 minutes in I wanted to hire him. I didn’t tell him that, but I called the next day and offered the job. He said yes.

Within three months he got promoted from web developer to project manager and within a year he was running the entire tech team. We started a bunch of projects together, and I was always in awe at his ability to deliver them on time. Oh yes, and he was the only one who told me when my ideas sucked (which happened a lot). I kinda liked it.

After all these years, what still amazes me about Andrei is that he’s a super smart geek and an incredible people person, all-in-one. You don’t find that very often, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have him as the co-founder of Brainient. I always come up with ideas, he shoots the bad ones down. I set tight deadlines, he makes them real. I dream, he brings me closer to reality. He’s married, I’m far from it. He has a kid, I don’t know of any. If Andrei were a woman, I’d marry her.

It’s been six years since we first met, and we’ve had our ups and downs. But he’s the best CTO in the world  and an amazing friend. For that, I’m grateful.

Happy birthday, chief!


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