Silicon stands for Super Intelligent Lads Innovating, Creating and Originating Novelty

Last week I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Seedcamp USA crew (Advertag, Codility, Erply, Joobili, Kukunu, Kwaga, Patients Know Best, Platogo, Shoutem and Wondergraphs)¬†that took over America in a one-week trip across the East and West coasts.

We started off in New York, which was fun and entertaining, especially the day we met Jonathan Klein, founder & CEO of Getty Images (I’m going to blog about that as well, soon ;-)). We also met the wonderful people at Union Square Ventures and had fun with New York’s tech scene at the NY Tech Meet-up. If I’d have to summarize NY in 3 words, I’d say: the shops, the taxis and the girls :).

We spent the second half of our trip in Silicon Valley, and I am still mesmerized at the amount of brain per square meter that I encountered there. Whenever I looked left, there was someone running an interesting startup. Whenever I looked right, there was a VC or an angel investor looking for new opportunities. Wherever I looked, there was someone that could help me or that I could help, one way or another. And if I were to summarize my experience in Silicon Valley in just three words, I’d say:¬†Wow, just wow!

I can’t stress enough how valuable Seedcamp has been for Brainient. I am awed and astonished when I look back and see how much we’ve accomplished in the past four months. I’ve written about the Seedcamp Experience before, but if I were to summarize it in just three words, I’d say: YOU. NEED. IT.

And btw, Mini Seedcamp Zagreb is coming up and you still have a few days to apply ;).