On a mission

About an hour ago I landed in the Hollywood of technology companies, San Francisco. I’m sitting next to a huge window in a superb flat in the Marina neighbourhood, trying to figure out what makes this place so unique when it comes to building technology companies. And I don’t know the answer, just yet.

But I’m here for a week, with a manic schedule, tons of meetings, plenty of events and many parties. Brainient is part of a group of UK companies that have been selected to form the  WebMission this year. And by the looks of the agenda, it seems it’s going to be quite fun and insightful.

I’m here until Friday, so if you’d like to grab a drink, I hope to see you at one of the parties. If you’re part of the tech scene in the Valley, you already know about them.

And maybe, just maybe, by the the end of the trip I’ll also have an idea of what makes Valley startups innovate so much. For starters, this city seems to be much quieter than London. But then again, so is Vienna.